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Powder Coating
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Experienced professionals. Dependable products. Reliable service.  As one of the largest contract metal finishers on the East Coast, SPCI specializes in high-volume Powder Coating and Electrocoating. We have multiple coating systems, each designed for maximum efficiency for varying part sizes.

ISO 9001 Certified (click to see certificate)

We finish the products you use every day.  SPCI coats parts that are integral to your everyday life.  We service many industries including Automotive, Architectural, Agricultural, Commercial, Exercise Equipment, Military, Marine, Power Tools, and Stadium Seating, just to name a few.

Powder Coating is available in a wide variety of formulations, textures, gloss levels and colors. Powder Coating is an environmentally friendly, attractive, durable, scratch resistant, chemical resistant and UV resistant coating. We have both iron and zinc phosphate conversion coatings available.

Electrocoating is available in medium gloss black cathodic epoxy at SPCI. E-coat is an environmentally friendly coating, which is an extremely chemical- and corrosion-resistant finish. E-coat can be used as a base coat or a final coat, depending on the application.


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